Declare a war against dandruff this winter

Declare a war against dandruff

Why is dandruff in winter and how can it be prevented

  • Dandruff on the head can be due to various reasons. However, most dandruff problems occur in winter due to dry skin. Dandruff can also be caused by oily skin and fungal infections.
  • It is possible to prevent this dandruff problem in winter by following some effective tips in a homely way.
  • Olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, neem leaves are good for solving various skin problems in winter.

Having dandruff can cause itching in your head. And because of this itching, you feel a lot of discomfort and may lose prestige in front of friends. Dandruff is an embarrassing problem for everyone. But we do not know what dandruff is and how to get rid of it?

Some white or gray matter comes out of our heads which we call dandruff. There are several reasons why dandruff is more common in winter. Irregular hair washing, use hot water or hairdryer, drink less water. Rough and dry weather, dust, and seasonal pressure can also cause such problems.

How to prevent dandruff in winter

  1. In winter, we should always move around in a routine. And a big part of that routine is combing your hair regularly. In winter, there is more dust and sand which accumulates in the hair. Regular hair combing increases blood circulation to the scalp and makes the hair look beautiful and healthy.
  2. Dandruff can cause dandruff due to dry skin. That is why we need to drink enough water every day. Drinking plenty of water relieves dryness of the skin and reduces the problem of dandruff on the head.
  3. Never use a hairdryer on hair. This is because dandruff is more common due to dryness, and the hairdryer makes the scalp dry and frizzy. For this reason, the problem of dandruff on the head can be multiplied.
  4. In winter vegetables are produced the most. We should eat plenty of vegetables in winter. Eating plenty of vitamins reduces skin problems. Therefore, the problem of dandruff on the head is reduced.
  5. Refrain from using unnatural products or chemicals in the hair. Always use products that are naturally made in the hair. Use something that is made in a homely way that will make your hair bright and beautiful.

A mixture of coconut oil and neem leaves

The main virtue of neem leaves is their ability to suppress anti-fungus. And coconut oil keeps hair moisturized. Make a paste by crushing ten to twelve neem leaves well. Then add four tablespoons of coconut oil with neem leaf paste. After mixing well, apply the mixture on the scalp, and after one hour, wash it off with a mild shampoo.


Mix one cup of sour yogurt with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to make a mixture. Then massage the mixture all over the head and after ten minutes wash the head thoroughly with a good shampoo. The addition of vitamin C to citric acid will help eliminate dandruff from the scalp.

Olive oil and aloe vera gel

Mix well with two tablespoons of olive oil and some aloe vera gel. Then apply it well on the whole head. The natural ingredients of aloe vera help prevent fungal infections so dandruff attacks are reduced. This mixture plays a special role in removing dead skin cells.

Lemon with ginger and onion

Make a mixture with some ginger and onion paste with lemon juice. Ginger and onions contain a fungicide called allicin so it helps prevent this problem. Therefore you can use this paste to solve winter skin problems.

Coconut oil

Heat a small amount of coconut oil and massage it well on the whole head. Use this rule two to three days a week to get better results. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin and nourishes the cells and helps prevent dandruff. Loric acid helps prevent dandruff and acts as a natural antimicrobial.

Drink plenty of water

Water nourishes the skin and cells deeply so the tendency to dandruff decreases. So we should drink plenty of water every day.

Although dandruff is a common problem in winter, it is important to try to prevent it from the beginning. If the problem of dandruff is more, it will take a long time to solve. When it becomes much more unhealthy, your hair will become an itchy scalp, and scalp hair will fall out. So be prepared to prevent dandruff before the onset of winter.